About the Fausel Companies*

There are those rare organizations that actually place equal emphasis on making a profit and making a difference.  We believe that the Fausel Companies, together with the Fausel Foundation, are such organizations and we take great pride in both our corporate mission and our philanthropic endeavors.  As a business, we strive to offer exemplary quality, service, and truly innovative technology spanning multiple corporate disciplines. Our commitment to customers, employees, and stockholders is as unflagging as our desire to enhance all life. As a foundation, we offer creative solutions to issues for sustainability of life. Programs and initiatives that show quality environmental preservation are only feasible when they emerge as a consequence of sound and productive economic operations. Through these means, we believe in a small but significant way, that many profit from our Companies.

Our domestic sister companies such as LaMont Limited and Buffalo Weaver have been instrumental in providing the financial base that in turn allowed us to investigate these global opportunities.  The Fausel Companies are, in effect, a wiring of talented people of various countries, religious views, educational and cultural backgrounds into a focused mission and opportunity driven network.  At our company core, we retain the appreciation and belief in humankind's potential to integrate the best of our traditions, talents and technology into a positive and beneficial influence on Nature, Earth, and everyone and everything that dwells within.

*Because Fausel Companies is not a holding company, each of the projects or companies shown herein are stand alone and not legally or financially in any way whatsoever tied to or supported by the Fausel Companies.  Charitable project listed are currently, or have in the past, been supported financially by the Fausel Foundation.