"We strongly believe that 'color' is the infinite creation of diversity in Nature and that 'race' is the finite creation of division by mankind. We believe in sustainability for all living creatures." - Stephen A. Fausel

The Fausel Foundation supports and lends assistance to various public and private organizations that share a common goal of enriching the lives of others. We believe that because we are all part of the natural world, we must live in harmony with it. The Fausel Foundation's commitment is to proper ecosystem management and to human beings who are an integral part of the ecosystem. We feel that we must not only protect the ecosystem, but also encourage the enhancement of human interaction with these ecosystems. Our involvement with the human and environmental aspects of our planet underscores our belief in the necessity for an all-encompassing vision of ecosystem management.

While the Fausel Foundation does not review unsolicited requests for funding it has helped fund a number of ongoing endeavors including medical research, programs for children and adults with physical and mental challenges, national scientific research grants, and ecosystem management efforts in support of wildlife and wild lands. Your loyalty to the Fausel Companies allows us to maintain a high level of involvement in projects and ultimately benefits all life on earth. The Fausel Foundation also support the American Foreign Policy Council (AFPC) and the Institute of World Politics (IWP), with links attached.

Solicitations and non-profit funding requests will not be examined via email.



In 1994, after years of sporadic progress in its efforts to create the continental Divide Trail due to lack of funding and shrinking budgets, the U.S. Forest Service called upon the Fausel Foundation for help. The Foundation created a public/private partnership called the Continental Divide Trail Alliance (CDTA) that supports the efforts of the federal agencies. The CDTA is considered one of America's most successful public/private partnerships.

Destined to be one of our nation's greatest trails, the Continental Divide Trail follows the backbone of the Rocky Mountains winding 3,100 miles through some of the most spectacular peaks in the country.



We have preserved some of the most beautiful land Colorado has to offer. From majestic mountain views to white water rivers. We support our mission in the United States and abroad.