Buffalo Weaver is an American Textile manufacturer with the ability to use both custom materials and a variety of natural and synthetic substrates.



Forty years ago, LaMont's first product was hand made by our owner Stephen Fausel, in a small barn on his family’s farm in Burlington, IA. Still located in this small Mid-Western town, LaMont has withstood the test of time, and evolved to become what we are today; a known resource for great quality, service and design.  

 Our history has taught us the most important thing we can do as a company, is hold true to the philosophies that the Fausel family has passed down through the generations. Design, quality, and customer service mean nothing without honor and integrity. We pride ourselves on upholding these standards while striving to continuously improve all aspects of our company.  

At our core we are a design company that is continuing to strive towards providing products that are both beautiful and functional.  Over 65% of our products are proudly manufactured in the USA in our Iowa factory.

A leading creator of furniture, bedding, storage, and various accessories for the house and bath, LaMont Home offers an expansive line of products that include items fabricated from rattan, willow, and machine woven materials.  We also get our inspiration and new trending products from Portugal, India, Vietnam, and China.